Report: The next Nintendo Switch will deliver 4K on TVs via Nvidia’s DLSS

An artist's estimation of how a new DLSS-fueled Nintendo Switch dock might look.
Enlarge / An artist’s estimation of how a new DLSS-fueled Nintendo Switch dock may appear.

Getty Images / Sam Machkovech

As leaks start to mount about a new Nintendo Switch revision, colloquially referred to as “Switch Pro,” one recent suggestion had enthusiasts scratching their heads: 4K help. How specifically would a dockable console like Switch, developed for portability and decent battery life, muster the teraflops to run games at 4K resolution?

Bloomberg Japan, who previously reported on Nintendo’s upcoming manufacturing plans, now has an answer: a new chipset, courtesy of Nvidia, that will leverage the GPU maker’s proprietary upscaling technique, according to “men and women familiar with the matter.” This technique, dubbed Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), has so far only been offered on Nvidia’s RTX line of graphics cards, and it relies on “tensor” GPU processing cores. Their machine studying computations, as educated on thousands of hours of current game footage, interpret a game’s reduce-resolution signal, then upscale the image to resolutions as higher as 4K (or in the case of the $1,499 RTX 3090, as higher as 8K).

If you happen to be unfamiliar with DLSS, verify out my recent review of the RTX 3060, exactly where I reviewed the progress Nvidia has produced with DLSS because its retail debut in late 2018. It has progressed sufficient to take native resolutions as low as 1080p and enhance them closer to 4K, generally with fewer visual artifacts than image-smoothing procedures like temporal anti-aliasing (TAA).

Where’s the new chip, doc? The dock?

This prediction is not absolutely out of left field, contemplating Nvidia’s Tegra X1 chip already powers existing Switch and Switch Lite consoles. However, specifically how an extra DLSS-capable chip will be implemented in the next Switch revision remains unclear. Tuesday’s Bloomberg Japan report only specifies that this DLSS-equipped Switch will “reproduce game visuals at 4K top quality when plugged into a Television,” as opposed to the system’s transportable mode—which Bloomberg insists will stay a 720p panel, albeit a smidge larger at 7″ compared to the existing Switch’s six.two-inch panel. This Nvidia chipset will be paired with “a greater CPU and improved memory” compared to the current Switch, Bloomberg reports.

This does not clarify no matter if any new or upgraded elements will be constructed into the next Switch’s Television dock, or no matter if added processing energy inside the Switch itself will be left dormant till it really is safely plugged into a dock—and hence in a position to, say, advantage from a a lot more robust cooling or ventilation technique. (If you happen to be asking yourself, Nintendo undoubtedly is not saying, as the organization did not provide any comment to Bloomberg on Tuesday.)

We did not necessarily count on any improved energy on Switch Pro to function retroactively on current hardware, but Bloomberg’s report confirms that pessimism: Switch Pro attributes like DLSS will demand “new code” to function. Whether this suggests we need to count on Switch Pro-exclusive games, or fuller backwards compatibility located in jump from Xbox One S to Xbox One X (or PlayStation four to PS4 Pro), remains to be observed.

Bloomberg’s report predicts that the next Switch will jump in value, but these claims are not backed up by the unnamed sources supplying particulars on the upcoming system’s technical makeup. That becoming stated, predicting how significantly a new mass-manufactured gaming device will expense, or no matter if any person will be in a position to acquire a single, feels like dark comedy at this point in 2021.

Nintendo has however to formally announce either a mid-generation Switch refresh or something resembling a wholly new console. Previous corporate statements have only gone so far as to say new Switch models weren’t coming to market place “any time quickly” and that the Switch had not too long ago reached the “middle” of its lifespan. But years of rumors about a refreshed, larger-powered Switch model ultimately firmed up earlier this month when Bloomberg reported manufacturing plans for the new model—and its jump from LCD to OLED technologies, along with a jump in screen size.

As Nintendo fans continue to wait for previously announced software program like a sequel to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it really is straightforward to wonder no matter if Nintendo is waiting to announce Switch Pro alongside a healthier slate of new games, all primed to take benefit of improved specs.

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