Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 780G beefs up the midrange mobile CPU space

Significantly faster mid-range Android phones and tablets are on the way starting in Q2 2021.
Enlarge / Significantly quicker mid-variety Android phones and tablets are on the way beginning in Q2 2021.


On Thursday, Qualcomm announced its newest midrange mobile processor—the Snapdragon 780G, a 5nm aspect that succeeds final year’s 765. The Snapdragon 700 series is a midrange line that provides comparable characteristics to the flagship Snapdragon 800 series but at somewhat decrease functionality for drastically decrease expense.

On the surface, it really is straightforward to appear at final year’s Snapdragon 768G and this year’s 780G and see a comparable item: an octa-core processor with Adreno GPU. But while the core count remained continuous, the kinds of cores did not.

Earlier Snapdragon 700 series SoCs utilized a single “quickest” Cortex A-76 core, yet another “just about as quick” Cortex A-76, and six “slow-and-low” Cortex A-55 cores that can get background tasks performed with a minimum of battery drain. The new 780G shifts issues about, with 3 quick secondary cores and only 4 slow cores:

SoC Fastest Core Fast Core(s) Slow/Efficient Cores
Snapdragon 768G 1x Cortex A-76 @ two.eight GHz 1x Cortex A-76 @ two.four GHz 6x Cortex A-55 @ 1.eight GHz
Snapdragon 780G 1x Cortex A-78 @ two.four GHz 3x Cortex A-78 @ two.two GHz 4x Cortex A-55 @ 1.9 GHz

This strikes us as a fairly big shift, and it highlights how considerably wiggle space there is in a word like “octa-core” in modern day huge/small CPUs, exactly where the various cores have really various capabilities and functionality levels.

The 780G also gets an upgraded GPU—Qualcomm says its Adreno 642 gets a 50 % functionality increase more than the Adreno 620 in the 768G. Anandtech’s back-of-the-napkin math puts that roughly on par with the Adreno 640 in late 2018’s Snapdragon 855 flagship.

Snapdragon 780G provides a new and enhanced Hexagon 770 AI processor, with an more decrease-powered AI accelerator that can deal with tasks like filtering out wind and background noise for the duration of calls devoid of consuming also far into battery reserves. There’s also assistance for 5G and Wi-Fi 6E modems and an image signal processor that can approach 3 25 MP photos simultaneously. That makes it possible for for a telephone with a triple lens arrangement to capture photos from wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto cameras from a single click.

Qualcomm says the very first Snapdragon 780G-equipped devices must commence shipping in Q2 2021.

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